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About Us
We are a manufacturer of faceplate for iphone, blackberry, ipad, itouch, ipod Nano, Galaxy etc. and has been engaged in manufacturing of advertising items since 1998.

Apart from the strong production backup, we also have a highly talented and motivated team of designers and engineers that enables us to carry a comprehensive collection of advertising items with innovative designs, good quality and at a very competitive price.

In order to  offer chance for customers to try our new products in their markets, most of the new items that we offer are with low order quantity requirments for the first order, customers are welcome to  purchase sample package or order small quantity to start, a universal website without our contact information will be provided on requested.

Mission Statement 
We are committed to the pursuit of continuous improvement in products development and services that we offer to customers. We are dedicated to produce quality products and providing excellence services.
We believe the best quality starts with the people who want the best and those who have the desire to aim for the perfection. We also bear in mind that quality service comes from people who put the customer's need as their first priorty. Adet Pacific is dedicated to provide  high quality products, services to our customers everyday.

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